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Old School Karaoke

I have a confession. I did not like being a Karaoke DJ for several reasons. I am not a good singer or rapper. The quality of the microphones are not good. The recommended professional equipment sounds like crap. I don't like carrying around CD/DVD's of most songs I never played. Most of all, I hate the big book, out-dated, song catalog. What I did like about Karaoke is that people love it. Because I love people, I need to change me or something, if I want to enjoy Karaoke.

Change the Karaoke Game

The last thing I want was to play at an event where the same 5 people sing all the songs. I wanted people to feel like stars. That means I need to change from old school Karaoke to a New Up-to-Date Karaoke. Here were my list of changes;

  • Provide a way for non-signers to participate in Karaoke without embarassment and have fun
  • Improve the quality of the microphones and sound to enhance their voice
  • High Quality Professional Sound System - Not a Home System or Cheap Karaoke System
  • NO CD/DVD's - All songs are mp3+g or mp4 format or available online for instant access. All songs must be 100% legal.
  • NO old school catalog. Catalog available online, easy access, using your phone.
  • Lights for the performer, with the focus on the star of the show.
  • If you can't sing or don't know the words, why not Lip-Sync and perform. Stars do it all the time!
Based on these seven (7) guidelines, I need to build a show that will change Karaoke forever. Here is what I done.

Karaoke Hardware

I started with portability because I am a mobile DJ first and the system must be rugged and light weight. I built a high-powered, portable PC with the following specs;

  • CPU: 3.40 GHz - Intel i7 Quad Core
  • Memory: 16GB DDR3 DRAM
  • Storage: 512GB SSD; 1TB SSHD; 2TB External
  • OS: Windows 10 (64bit)
This custom-built, affordable, portable PC is more powerful than most expensive, laptops currently on the market.

Professional Sound System

Quality of sound is important to me. I consider myself a sound engineer first, disc jockey second. Here is my system.

Professional Microphones

Make sure you have a high quality microphone to enhance your voice with no feedback, snap, crackle or pop. Hear is what I use.

These microphones are expensive, so don't NEVER drop the mic!

Karaoke Software

Nearly ALL the Karaoke Software I tried are either outdated or did not meet the standards I was seeking. However, I did find a service that met my needs. Karaoke-Version and KaraFun actually met the requirements I was seeking. Here are the key items I preferred;

  • Access to over 27,000 legal Karaoke Tracks
  • Updated Online Catalog - No BOOKS!!!
  • Link to your phone - Live at Events
  • Request Songs, Send Selfies and much more
  • Add or remove vocals, so you can lip-sync, dance and have fun again
I must admit, I was expecting to download a large file (only 44MB) but all I need is Internet Access (I use my own) and I am connected. If no online access, I can access up to 1,000 songs offline. It's different but I will adjust.

Intelligent Lights

I use the following lights at my shows;

  • Chauvet DJ Colorstrip Wash Lights
  • Chauvet DJ Gigbar IRC Effect Lights
  • Chauvet DJ 4Play-CL Moonflower Lights
I plan to get moving lights in the near future. I also plan on building a Video Wall and adding Social Media Live to my Lip-Sync Karaoke Shows!

Lip-Sync Karaoke

Karaoke is fun again with DJ Chuck Anthanio. You can have fun without embarassment. If you want to sing... SING! If you want perform and Lip-Sync, Just Do It! Have a request? Use your phone and make it! Also use your phone as a monitor. We have a growing library of over 27,000 legal Karaoke songs. Finally, you will have enough lights to make you think that you're on "The Voice", "America's Got Talent" or "Lip-Sync Battle".

© 2017 - DJ Chuck Anthanio


Posted by: DJ Chuck Anthanio